Pursuing excellence together

CONIXI means “pulling together” in latin, and while most people probably never heard of this latin term, we believe that the essense of the term symbolises and illustrates perfectly what we strive for. Together we are stronger and the importance of teamwork and smooth workflows are extremely important when providing and delivering maintenance management offshore. We know that we can’t solve every problem by ourselves – the quality of our solutions are heavily impacted by our partners, clients and co-worker’s contribution. And this is what CONIXI means to us.

Conixi A/S is an engineering and construction company with enthusiastic, dedicated people and with years of experience within engineering, design, fabrication, installation, service and maintenance of offshore assets – specialized within facilities and living quaters.

The values of CONIXI are: Teamwork, predictability, reliability, accountability and transparency. But articulating values is not enough for us. We want to live them! We want to create innovative solution, the best customer support and deliver projects on time and within budget – always in a safe manner.

CONIXI fits prefectly to the DNA of our company and the value we strive to provide to our customers.


Technical support and consultancy within electrical, architectural, design and construction solutions.


With our strong team, we carry out major projects with high competent project management.


We provide maintenance and repair jobs with 24/7 service.


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