About Us

CONIXI means “pulling together” in Latin. We believe that the essence of the term perfectly symbolizes what we strive for: strong teamwork and smooth workflows. We know that we cannot solve every problem by ourselves – the quality of our solutions is heavily impacted by the contribution of partners, clients and team. That is what CONIXI means to us.

Our Values


We select the best team for each task and emphasize open communication to ensure successful collaboration, as we pursue excellence together.


We deliver consistency and dependability in our project plans, processes, and deliverables, which allows our clients to trust that we can deliver on time and within budget.


We develop projects with a high degree of detail, assess risk factors, complete them on time and within budget, prioritize safety, and ensure high quality.


We take responsibility for the big picture and are accountable for all project phases, from inspection and work preparation to installation and quality control.


We work openly and honestly with our partners, being transparent about the process and any possible challenges throughout the entire project.


At Conixi, our mission is to effectively handle complex projects while minimizing downtime and work hours. We achieve this through meticulous planning, preparation, and execution that prioritize safety and teamwork.


Our vision at Conixi is to become a prime provider of services for complex offshore projects, recognized for our expertise in comprehensive engineering projects, management, and our unwavering commitment to collaboration.